Friday, December 28, 2012

Good Morning!

Good Morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Lord. Spent Christmas Eve with all my family. There were only a very few that couldn't be there. Had a great time, lots of good food and goodies. Got to snuggle with the grandbabies, they love their gramma so much, they shared everything with me, including their germs!!! Woke up Christmas morning feeling like a mack truck had hit me! Thought it was the flu at first, but am not running any fever so I guess it is just bronchitis and sinus infection. Still feeling pretty punk, just hibernating, drinking lots of fluids, getting lots of rest, and taking meds for the aches. The really bad part of this is that after finally getting all the crocheting done for my Christmas gifts, I finally had time to do some beading and I don't feel like it!!! Tried to do a little Wed and Thurs but just couldn't hack it. And I was so looking forward to finishing up one of my pieces and starting something for the Feb. challenge. Hopefully, I will be over this in a few days! Take care, stay warm and well, and God Bless.

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