Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer is almost over!!

And I have been a bad girl! Haven't been on either of my blogs all summer. It's been busy, done a few shows, but nothing good. Most times barely made my entry fee back. I know the economy is bad, and that most likely explains why people are buying much, but sure makes it rough on those of us who are trying to supplement our income. I have learned a few new stitches though. Made a bracelet the other day that I really love. May have to end up keeping it myself. If you happen to see my other blog on WordPress, you might notice that I used the same beginning paragraph on both! I know, LAZY!!! At least I admit it. I get up with the most ambitious plans for the day and then I get on the computer.............hours later I realize most of the day is gone and I haven't accomplished very much. I have been doing a lot of beading though. A friend who is a concert violinist in Alabama commissioned two belts from me after she was up here for our school reunion and saw my work. I am so pleased!! She wants one to be completely black and the other to be of my own design. I put a little bling on the black one by adding some Swarovski crystal bicones and rondells in the center, but the rest is just black seed beads. 38 inches worth!! Very slow going. The other one is the same size, both are only a little over an inch wide, but that almost makes it more difficult! I used Metallic Iris with its gorgeous shifting shades of purple, blue, gold, and green for the main part of the belt and in the center I hid a musical cleft in tri-cut 12/0 in emerald green. Well, have to get to work or I'll never get them done. Have a great weekend!!

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