Sunday, September 15, 2013

Going in a New Direction!

I've imported all my entries from etsy to Zibbet and plan on closing my etsy shops whenever my fees expire. They will be available until they do. I've had pieces in there for almost 3 years with no sales, so I figure between my time and the fees I've paid in those 3 years, I'm in the hole, so to speak. Zibbet does have a premium account that you have to pay for, but it has a free account too, and free is GOOD!!! Free is very good if you're not making any sales. Hopefully that will change.
I know I probably did not do as much 'work' in promoting my shop as I should have, but I just didn't have the time to do more than I was already doing. It shouldn't be THAT hard.
I'm also checking around for some gallery type shops to see if I can exhibit my designs there. I have two belts that I got a commission for and am almost done with the second one. That will be a big deal for me, the fact that I'm finally going to make some decent money with my designs, but will also be getting exposure and free advertising with her friends in the concert rounds.
So wish me luck friends, and come by and see the new shop if you want. They have had esty sellers switching over by the droves. The name of the shop is the same as this blog. Hope to see you there.

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