Monday, November 11, 2013

Still Waiting!

Well it has been awhile and I still haven't heard from the selection committee.  But I realized that the  sign up session has not ended yet so they won't be telling anyone anything until they have all the applications.  duh!  So as usual I have been agonizing for nothing.  Nuttin like borrowing trouble from tomorrow!!  LOL

I have been trying to make up some inventory, but it's hard to decide  what will sell well next year!  Things that are very popular now, might be passe by then.   So I am trying to learn some new, but tried and true, patterns that should still be liked. 

Add to that the fact that we are now starting our cold wet time of the year and my body is reacting to it, and not in a nice way.  The medication my doctor is giving me for the Fibro works very well most of the time, but not when it is cold and damp like it is now. Can't sit very long or the feet start looking like mini-pillows, can't put them up on a footstool or the hips and low back start in.  LOL   Lordy, I hate getting old.  Feels like all we do is complain about one thing or another!!

Had a great day yesterday!  Went to my brother's house and had a mini-family get together.  The weather was beautiful, lots of sun and not too bad winds, so we got to be outside for a while.   My nephew was down from Canada with his wife and little girl.  The other nephew and niece were there with their families, even a new baby!  Most of my crew was there, two of the boys had to work, but the other two and my daughter were there.  So I got to see some of my grandchildren. They grow so fast, if you don't see them for a couple of months, they look so different!!  And just full of all the things they can do now.  My 2 year old grandson came out of the house just beaming so my daughter asked him what he had been up to.  He said, " I went pottie!!!"   His mama was like, you did?  and he just grinned.   LOL  she turned him around to check his backside and was amazed that he had cleaned himself, then she checked his hands!!    Of course by then, everyone is dying laughing, and although he doesn't know why;  he just knows that he is the cause of it so he is laughing too.  My daughter turns and with her eyes big as a saucer, said, "And he even washed his hands"!!  Well everybody just busted out then.  The look on her face was priceless.  

Here are a couple of the bigger things I have done this past month, love this "raised embroidery" it's fun to do and simple enough you can almost do it while watching tv.  And the other is another embroidered piece around a stone piece I got from Busy Beads on Facebook.  So long until next time.

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