Monday, June 23, 2014

Still Beading Away!!

I promise I have been busy even if I haven't been blogging.  I have made several dozen bracelets and earrings to add to the stash of stuff I am taking to Silver Dollar City.  Got my insurance fee paid finally. Had to have a MILLION $$$ worth of liability insurance for my booth, "just in case someone hurt themselves".  Sounds crazy I know, but it would be just my luck that someone would fall and sue me for a million!!  LOL  Our stall fee is paid by the percentage commission they collect from what we sell. So every one has been telling me what to charge for my pieces.!!!   eeek!   That is scary, but every article I read about how to price your product is the same, make a formula for cost of materials, how much you have spent on tools, displays, packaging, simply everything you have had to pay for to produce your art.  Then you have to decide what your time and experience is worth.
To me that is the hardest part. I read an article on one of the sites I like, about this woman who had a customer try to haggle with her about an expensive necklace she wanted to buy, but refused to pay that much money for.  She said she could go home and make something just as pretty. She and the vendor argued about it for a few minutes and then the vendor asked her how much she thought she should pay.  The woman named an insultingly low amount and the vendor told her she would mail it to her.  The woman paid the price and then went home and bragged to all of her friend about how she had made the vendor sell it to her for a fraction of the price.  She couldn't wait until the package arrived. Finally the day came and the package arrived.  She hurriedly opened it, only to find several packets of beads, some thread, and a couple of needles.  She called up the vendor and started screaming at her about how she had been cheated. The vendor said, "You told me you could go home and make something just as pretty so I gave you the items you needed to make it".  The woman cried," but I don't know how to make something like that!"  The vendor said, "Oh, well that is experience and knowledge, and that will cost you a lot more money". 

Experience and knowledge don't come cheap, takes time and money and sweat and tears to learn your craft, you wouldn't expect your doctor, lawyer, pastor, or any other professional to sell their work dirt cheap, so why should a handcrafted artist?       Visit my Facebook page to see more of my work.


  1. I love this story and had to laugh a lot at the end! I think sometimes people don't get the point that beading is no simple thing you can learn within a few hours but takes experience and time and passion and as you said, sweat and tears;)

    1. Thank you Anika, glad to know someone is actually reading my blog!!! LOL Yes it takes time and effort. It has taken me over 3 years to get to this point and I have progressed through many stages. But I love it!