Thursday, October 9, 2014

Silver Dollar City was a success!

I feel that for my first year being there, the festival was a success!  I made some money, made some new friends, saw some old friends, and had confirmation of my talent as a beader!!  I enjoyed my time there immensely and hope I am able to go back next year.  I miss being able to attend the Mt. Vernon MARC festival, but will be at Apple Butter Making Days this weekend. My first time having a booth there and I am very excited to be sharing one with my buddy Tonya Busby and her sister Alisa Davis. Tonya and I both make jewelry, but very different types.  She does the most gorgeous 2-4 loop wrap bracelets with semi-precious gem stones and beads.
Mine is about to take a couple of slight curves in the road.  I will still be doing bead embroidery, but less of the weaving type.  I have been introduced to Quilting and to Silk Ribbon Embroidery and have fallen in love with them.  I have found several articles and tutorials on it and have seen ways to incorporate my beading, the ribbons, and "quilting" all in one.  Probably won't be posting anything anyway soon, it looks to be rather intensive and difficult, but I am determined!!  See you later.

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