Saturday, March 26, 2016


I swear, I must be the worst procrastinator alive!!  I keep telling myself I'm going to keep current with my blog and yet I'll go for a couple of months before I even think of it!! 
I'm pretty much settled in at my apartment, and it's getting warm now.  Cleo is wanting outside all the time. Still in and out, in and out, just like she did at home.  Spoiled brat! One thing about it though, she doesn't venture very far; she is still very leery of the new outside.  I don't think she has made it more than 15 ft past the patio.  
I absolutely love being up here near my grandkids!  Now instead of seeing them a few times a year, it's a few times a week!  I get to sit with them occasionally and we go to church together 3 times a week too. I thoroughly enjoy my new church.  Wonderful pastor and I have made so many new friends and a great ladies group that gets together once a month to have lunch and bible study. 
Also have a brand new great-grandbaby too.  My oldest granddaughter just had her second boy. Mommy and Daddy are thrilled. Maximillian (Max) Sherman weighed 9 lbs and 2 oz. and was 21 inches long!!  No wonder mommy looked like she was having twins.  She is a tiny little thing anyway, so glad she didn't have any problems.  Haven't gotten to see him yet, will be so very glad when I can get a car.  I keep hoping they will come up here to see me, but everybody is busy in their own lives I guess. 
The sewing is coming along, slow but sure.  I've gotten a little sidetracked off the quilts though.  Money is still pretty tight and I need to buy more backing and batting.  Have found a great little fabric/quilt store and glory be, it's right across the highway from me. I can almost see it from my back porch.  Very nice lady owns it and she has some beautiful fabrics and her prices are very reasonable.  Weather gets warm enough, I may even try walking over there with my rolling walker.   
I've also taken up embroidery on fabric and add some beads once in a while too,a friend gave me a ton of floss a few years ago and I'm making good use of it finally.  I'm doing wool applique too, found a ton of 100% wool up here at the Free Store.  Need to get a bunch more "de-contructed" and felted in the washer and dryer.   Keeping busy!  I've also made a bunch of purses this week too.  They have a large craft fair up here in the spring and since I can't go to Silver Dollar City anymore, I will enjoy doing the local fairs.  
Didn't mean to write so much,  but that's what happens when you go so long without blogging.   Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy being with family.  :)

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