Thursday, August 25, 2016

Where did the summer go?

Man, seems like it was just last week that the kids got out of school and now here it is, time to start again! At least my daughter gets to come by every morning after dropping them off and have a cup of coffee with me.  We've started walking around the block of apartments here at the Senior Community. It's two tenths of a mile, but right now one time around is all I can handle! LOL   I'm just happy to do that. 
The Bell's Palsy is all gone now, I can even shut my right eye completely and the eye dr. said my vision wasn't as bad this last check up so I can order glasses now. 
It the darn nerve pain would just go away now, I would be doing very well. It's still concentrated in my ear and right cheek, down to my chin.  But it keeps improving, slowly, but surely.  I've been told that some of it may be permanent as far as my ear because of how many blisters I had down inside and on the ear drum it's self.  I do notice a small amount of hearing loss. May need to get that checked someday.
Finally getting back to sewing, but sadly not much embroidery.  I have a "secret sister" at church and I decided to make her a lap quilt.  It's really interesting and very time consuming.  I can't stay at it as long at a time as I should.   It's the mock chenille design. You take  pretty back fabric and sandwich it with 2-3 layers of flannel or thin fleece.  Then you sew it on the flannel side in stripes, about 1/2 inch apart. Then you take some sharp thin scissors and cut the flannel between the seams and wash it. It's kind of like a rag quilt. When it fuzzes and fluffs up, it really looks like chenille.  I hope mine works.  I thought I remembered the instructions and didn't read them before I got started, then when it was half done, I read them for some reason and realized I had sewn on the grain and it was supposed to be on the bias!!!  :(   I'm pretty sure it will fluff, but maybe not as well as it would have on the bias. 
I'm collecting some embroidery patterns, I've done a few with flowers drawn on some white muslin that I have an idea to make a flower quilt in a patch work with a color square in between them.
Well, time to get off here and get busy.  I'm going to a first year birthday party for one of my great-grand-daughters this weekend. Haven't seen her since I moved up here.  Can't wait to see everyone. 
Have a happy Labor Day weekend, it's not too far away.

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