Friday, October 25, 2013

Waiting is so hard!

I finally got my application, pictures and everything filled out, packaged, and mailed. Now comes the really hard part, although trying to get decent photos taken with my poor little camera was hard too, I hope they are good enough for the committee. Waiting to hear when you have no idea how long it will take them, or if you even got your application in on time is going to be nerve wracking. IF I get approved, I have to decided which styles I am going to make to take down there, then I have to find some way to buy a ton of beads to get inventory made up. I think I am going to decide on just a few signature pieces and then do them in different colors. Your stall is not very big and it would be difficult to take the whole monty like you would for a one or two day craft show or festival. Plus you have to carry all your inventory in and out every day. I don't think the vendors leave their work in the stall, would be too easily stolen. One thing did work out wonderfully though and makes me think that God is going to smile favorably on this venture. A dear friend that I met a couple of years ago at a craft fair and have kept in touch with by email and seen at other fairs, lives in the town where the festival is and has kindly agreed to have me as a house guest for the 3 weeks that I will be there for the event. It's too far away to have someone drive me every day and I still have no car. Renting a motel room was out of the question financially, the fees for the festival are high enough, plus you have to give them a percentage of your total sales. The chance to make really good money is good enough to justify the fees, but not to pay for a motel room for 3 weeks.
So, I hope and pray to be approved, and I ask for good wishes from my faithful few followers! :) Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am so excited! I'm filing an application to be considered in one of our area yearly huge Craft Festivals!! If I get accepted it will be a huge honor. Not going to say where yet, don't want to count my chickens before they're hatched, but I am really really excited about it!! In case you couldn't tell! heh heh

I've been really busy trying to get inventory made up, even though it won't be until next fall, it goes on for about 3 weeks so I need to have a lot made up. I know I swore I would never make replications of my designs, but this will be an exception to the rule. I can still make little differences in pieces, color, type of bead, etc.

Sent off a large order of beads today, ones I needed anyway so even if I don't get invited, I can still use them to make up supplies for next spring's round of shows. If I do get invited, I'll have to really send in a big order. I want new display racks, price labels, cards for earrings, and bags for sales.

So all my friends and followers out there, all 17 of you in Google land, LOL send up some prayers that this goes through for me.

Oh I almost forgot. I posted a "thingy" on the right side of the blog, it's for a contest on Baublicious. A freeform peyote competition. Think it will be great!!