Monday, April 21, 2014

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, perfect for Easter and Easter Egg hunts.  My neighbors on both sides had kiddies all over their yards.  It was fun watching them.  My little ones lived too far away to go see, but talked to my kids on the phone. One of my boys spent the weekend with me and went to church with me so it was good. 
I've been busy as usual making jewelry, if you haven't noticed by now I'm pretty eclectic on my taste in jewelry.  I love making Native American, woven, embroidered, etc.  I don't want to get tied down to any one kind. And I try not to make lots of similar pieces, although when you have to make up a large inventory for a big show, it's hard not to repeat yourself.  So then I try to change things around enough that it's still different. Using colors, sizes and shapes of beads, adding fringe or not, embellishments or not, it's easy to make each piece look a little different. That is shown here in these pieces which are basically the same patterns, just tweaked around a little.They are all made with Peyote stitch, and using twins, 8/0 seeds, Delica's and a little punch of bead embroidery make a big difference. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jewelry By Judy- My business page on Facebook

Just posted several new pieces on my Facebook page.  That will be the page I use for sales purposes now. Wasn't getting any sales on the other pages I was paying to use, so decided I would stop all that foolishness and save my money.  It's still me, just a different name.  That was the name I had first, before I began bead embroidery, and they won't let you change it.  I also just got tired of trying to keep up with several pages.  I also have another blog on WordPress called Down the Copper Line.  Just thought I would throw that in there!  lol

Have been super busy getting inventory made to take to Silver Dollar City this fall.  I am so looking forward to it. Even if I don't make a lot of money this first time, it's a wonderful opportunity to get my name out there and pass out lots of business cards.  Which by the way, my daughter and SIL are going to make for me at their printing business in Lebanon, called Express Yourself.  They have only been in business a few months, but they are really enjoying it and it is something my son in law can handle since the accident.

I think I am going to take a nap, I got up early this morning after going to bed at about 1am last night and it is beginning to catch up with me.  Have a great week, it's turning out to be a pretty day, was very chilly this morning but there is lots of beautiful sunshine this afternoon.  :)  Going to post some photos of what I have been doing.  Hope you enjoy them.